Sabrina Ramos
Business Coach & Consultant

Sabrina is a Professional Problem Solver
In essence - a facilitator - a connector of people, ideas, and resources. She creates order out of chaos.
With over 20 years experience in sales, account management, and event production, Sabrina combines her extensive leadership expertise to remove obstacles to team success. With a focus on strategy, training, and consultative client relationship management, Sabrina helps growing businesses by improving communications, connecting them with solutions, and making focused decisions that help move a team forward.Sabrina has also founded Pop Spark Agency- an event marketing and creative agency that brings ideas to life.

Business Coach & Consultant

Sabrina helps individuals and organizations tackle their toughest challenges in order to achieve their desired outcomes. With a unique blend of analytical skills, creativity, and a results-oriented mindset, she works closely with clients to identify root causes, develop practical solutions, and implement effective strategies. Whether it's a complex business issue, a personal challenge, or anything in between, Sabrina is here to help you find the answers you need and move forward with confidence.


Coaching to keep you on track

Running a business can leave you depleted of energy. Sometimes you just need someone to help you remove the overwhelming tasks and focus on the parts of your business that contribute to growth and additional revenue. Sabrina is adept at creating order out of chaos to help you do your best work.

  • Time and workflow management, and clearer communications across teams

  • Define goals, allocate resources, and create a process that fits each individual or team

Events Consultant

  • Conceptualize, plan, organize, and coordinate teams to produce B2B/B2C events with a focus on field marketing and sales support

  • Create budgets, forecasting and planning, market research, and vendor mangement

  • Consult and strategize for trade shows, brand/product launches, private events, and more.

4 Ways Sabrina Can Help You

  • Facilitator - Sabrina helps companies establish clear communication across teams including sales, account management, project management, product development, and marketing.

  • Problem solver - Sabrina listens first. She finds the breakdown in process, vision, and communication. Knowing that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for each problem, she solves problems based on the abilities of the staff and resources available to solve them.

  • Strategist - Sabrina establishes goals, allocates resources, defines the project scope, and lays out the steps to cross the finish line. This often includes creating a post-mortem process to identify weak processes and shore them up.

  • Event Management - Sabrina conceptualizes, plans, organizes, and coordinates a team to produce B2B events with a focus on field marketing and sales support.

"Sabrina's assistance was a game changer for my trade show event! She asked questions that I hadn't even considered and developed a strategy for our event that made it impactful and left a lasting impression. Her knowledge on various demographics was impressive and her insight into the key attracting elements made us stand out among the crowd. She has a keen sense for generating interest in my product and I look forward to working with her again."
- Sam Caudill, Winter Bear Studio

"Sabrina helped me increase my sales by 462% in the first month of working with her. This was my best sales month to date."
- Jeemin Kim, Founder, Allegro Violins

What people are saying about Sabrina:
"Sabrina is like a program you need to buy for your computer, but you pay for the pro version because she's worth it."
- Bookkeeper at a digital agency
"You walk in the room and I just see someone who is in charge."
- Account Executive at a SaaS

Are you an ideal client?

The best results come from the best partnership

Sabrina's ideal client is a small to medium business (SMB) that is in growth mode. You might feel stuck or overwhelmed with the next steps and you need help, guidance, and support while you focus on the parts of your business that you excel at.

  • Help with mentoring junior sales/account management teams

  • Help connecting you with resources and processes that streamline your workflow

  • Help with strategizing your next steps

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